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Our older toddler classroom includes children from the ages of 24 months to 3 years. The teachers in this program will focus on guiding the students in an atmosphere of child-directed centers promoting their independence and learning.  Our caring and encouraging teachers will work with the children on improving their fine motor skills, language and writing skills, and social and emotional concepts.  

At this age the teachers will guide the children in learning to work together with their peers, helping them to appropriately express their feelings and how to handle many new social situations.  In the older toddler room, we also begin toilet training with gentle guidance and encouragement.  Our terrific twos classroom is busy and exciting, we are excited to guide them in their journey towards independence and hands-on experiences.

  • Writing skills
  • Toilet training
  • Independence with self-help skills
    • Feeding
    • Dressing
    • Hand washing
  • ‚ÄčSensitivity to others
  • Self-Discipline 

What skills will my child be developing?

Older Toddler

Our Older Toddler program is designed to promote learning through guided hands-on experiences.